Western Mass Indymedia: Your Free, Democratic, multi-media, interactive Anti-war Earth-friendly news & information site


With its new site now up and running in these troubled times, the Western Mass. Independent Media Center (IMC), or WMass Indymedia, is again available for YOU and YOUR GROUP to inter-act in the progressive media mix of the region. Yes, we're back and as they say: better than ever.

Indymedia is a young, dynamic, democratic, voluntary interactive news group with websites around the world. The Western Mass IMC (http://www.wmass.indymedia.org) is an excellent resource for both delving into the issues of the day AND PROMOTING YOUR EVENTS AND ACTIVITY. The IMC advances social, economic, and environmental justice by providing a local forum for people to publish writing, photos, audio, video, and art traditionally marginalized by corporate media. They are guided by the Principles of Unity set forth by the Global IMC and by a sense of social responsibility. The Wmass IMC has the following goals:

* Report and provide resources for YOU to report on grassroots events, issues and culture from a people's perspective in a truthful accurate manner.

* Provide media production resources to members of the Western Mass. community who are disenfranchised from corporate media.

* Educate and inform the public about local and global news via the wmass.indymedia.org website.

* Form alliances with other local media outlets who also seek to break the information bottleneck of corporate media.

Utilizing the WMass Indymedia site is easy:

1) go to http://www.wmass.indymedia.org

2) click on "post an article" (for text) "upload media" (for photos, etc.)

3) follow the easy instructions

Log-on to: http://www.wmass.indymedia.org and check it out

Don't suffer from the media, BE THE MEDIA!