Interfaith Eco-Action

Focus: Climate change and Environment

There is a forum having this focus. Subscribe and share your ideas.

There are a number of events taking place in September 2015:

  1. September 21st – a community forum in Northampton on the Papal Encyclical.
  2. September 24th – a Northampton Watch Party of Pope Francis’ historical congressional address
  3. September 24th – an Amherst Watch Party of Pope Francis’ historical congressional address
  4. September 27th – area choirs singing and clergy preaching on climate
  5. October 4th – a community Harvesting Hope festival at Abundance Farm


Read minutes of this group’s meetings:

One item mentioned in the November 3 meeting was a “voluntary carbon tax.” A voluntary carbon tax is a donation in recognition of our own carbon use to some endeavor that aims to reduce greenhouse gases . We pledge to give either a specified amount  or a selected percent of one or more of our personal carbon-use expenditures. On a regular basis (monthly, quarterly, annually), we calculate the amount of this pledge, decide on a use for the funds, and give/donate them to that use.  Fifteen people in the Mount Toby Friends Meeting have formed a Voluntary Carbon Tax Witness group.  The idea has been adopted by the Northampton Friends Meeting and some other Friends meetings and other groups.

You can learn more about this idea at a website started up to promote the idea:



Interfaith Eco-Action — 2 Comments

  1. I was asked at the 12/8 meeting to post info about the Climate Action Now/350MA working group in response to the increase in electric rates. We are meeting 12/11 at 7 pm at First Churches. Come to the Center St entrance. Please come if you would like to join the group. We are just starting to look at what to do.

  2. The Climate Action Now/350MA general meetings take place the 4th Monday evening of the month – either at the UU in Amherst or the UU in Northampton. The January snow date is February 9th in Amherst (121 N. Pleasant St.) and February 23rd will be in Northampton.

    Our Interfaith potluck on 2/2 has to also be rescheduled due to another impending storm. Looking for another host for our next potluck! Contact karen – at – to help with planning if you’re interested.

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