minutes 6/08/2015

Interfaith Eco-Action Gathering    June 8, 2015 at First Churches Northampton
  • First Churches, Northampton – Harriet Wilson, Sue Norton, Sharon Moulton, David Entin, and Pastor Todd Weir
  • First Baptist Church & Hopping Tree Sangha, Amherst – Karen Ribeiro
  • All Souls Unitarian Universalist, Greenfield – Georgeanne Greene
  • Mt. Toby Friends Meeting, Leverett – Roger Conant and Alan Eccleston
  • Congregation B’Nai Israel, Northampton – Elaine Ulman
  • Unitarian Society of Northampton – Brit Albritton
  • Northampton Friends Meeting – Anne Moore, Maureen  Flannery
  • Grace Episcopal Church, Amherst – Lucy Robinson
  • St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Northampton – Margaret Jordan and Tony Giardina
  • Haydenville Congregational – Douglas Renick
We began with a list of who we represent (above)
    Karen opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and reviewing the agenda (three items).  Rev. Todd Weir offered a prayer, from Hildegard de Bingham, God the foundation of everything.
    What individual congregations are doing:
PCM climate march & organizing buses Springfield CAN march hosting interfaith groups
Woolman Hill Quaker retreat center just decided to take on pipeline —  joining law suit Carbon tax witness – 5 friends meetings has raised $11,000 (www.VoluntaryCarbonTax.org) CET education sessions
church choosing climate as social justice issue 2nd year anti-pipeline activiteis divested funds from fossil fuels
recycling, changing light bulbs to LED “green” articles in weekly bulletin supporting state divestment
gardening for food pantry, and Common Ground efforts reading Pope Francis’ works on environment and other books, Active Hope, Low Carbon Diet exploring green burials
protesting in front of the White House reduce number of cars to weekly workship; carpool; collect donations of 10c/gallon of gas switch to renewable (via www.MothersOutFront.org
hosted pipeline pilgrims; preparing food together raising money to plant trees in Vietnam panel on Transition Town
established a mini-farm with school and survival center, able to celebrate Jubilee Year Energy audit, reducing fossil fuel consumption Green bible study, starting new Green Team
Green Bank Legislation! bill – H3532 Having a community bulletin board – tree – with energy saving ideas on the leaves movie nights
Mothers Out Front Monday Actions
Brit mentioned the email list is about 30 people.
Carbon tax witness (over $ 700 sent to health care organization in Indonesia) – total volunteer carbon tax participants is 57 and growing!
Impressive range of activities and actions that could be taken to wider community.  Audits.  Discussion.  Religion is political.   Bill before the Legislature.
    Use of books in some congregations: “Active Hope” by Joanna Macy; “Joy of the Gospel” and “Low Carbon Diet.”
    Moral March on Climate on Sept. 20, in DC, from Natonal Religious Coalition on Creation Care, one of many endorsers.  Individual congregations, this group, and individuals can become endorsers. In DC when Pope Francis will be there.  Could also meet with Congressional delegation when in DC.  Website on march.   Can also do complimentary actions at home at same time.
  1. Moral Action march on climate in DC. Get young people, rent buses.
  2. Could watch Pope’s address to Congress on climate change together here September 23rd. Ask St. Elizabeth Ann Seton to host
  3. Oct. 23 Dali Lama will be at Mullins Center UMass – open to the public (Amherst College and Smith also but private). Could do local actions here. March to support?
  4. A fair with booths, with churches and young people with different practices to help climate. Ideally on a town green/commons
  5. Walk between churches to see what each one is doing for climate change. Northampton Climate Sustainability Festival?
  6. First wave with Pope’s visit and then follow with wave for Dali Lama visit. Inter-religious eco-justice group can help provide speakers for various events. Todd mentioned the Hatfield UCC article in the Gazette [here is Marty Nathan’s recent pipeline article]
  7. Regular interfaith column in the Gazette?
  8. Regular weekly post in the Climate Action Now newsletter
  9. December meeting in Paris where nations will try to make decisions and commitment for climate. Mothers Out Front – Monday actions.
  10. Pipeline issue is local and national.
  11. H2494 Bill in legislature to stop pipeline from shipping energy overseas. Some going into Boston tomorrow for hearing on state divestment bill.
  12. Pipeline Pilgrims march on bikepath? (great picture opportunity on the bridge) group of faith people.
  13. Bring all choirs together and sing in Mullins parking lot! This could be after each congregation hosts their own activity on the 20th and could also be timed alongside the Dalai Lama visit
We will each check in with our individual congregations and then come to another meeting.
Next Meeting:
7 pm, July 6, first Monday again at First Churches, Northampton
Sept. 20 – individual congregations do something about climate; maybe gather later in day, march or pilgrimage.
Oct. 25, a Sunday, meet at Mullins Center, flash mob with choirs!
Thank you to David Entin for taking notes.
And thank you to all participating – this was a great brainstorm and demonstration of the enthusiasm for interfaith eco-action in the valley!
Karen Ribeiro
Consulting for Climate Leadership
413-265-3892 (c)

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