About Forums

The forums are listed in the sidebar, and you can go to any of them by clicking there.  There is also a link to each forum on the page having the same name.  But what is a forum and what can you do with it?

A forum is set up to make it easy for people with a common interest to “talk” with each other.  The title of the forum gives the general area of interest, for example “Climate/Environment.” Going to the forum, you are presented with “topics” which have come up so far, for example in that forum, a topic named “voluntary carbon tax” along with  numbers indicating traffic in that “topic.”  Clicking on an entry there, you can read that topic, and you can “reply” to it, and that’s the way the conversation gets going.

Suppose you are interested in the Climate/Environment area and would like to start a new topic. Go down to “Create a new topic,” enter a little information, give your new topic a title, and type in the material that you want to offer. Finally, click the “submit” button – don’t forget that part, or your work will be lost!

So to summarize the organization, hierarchically outline-style:

website (PioneerValleyCares)


forum on climate/environment

topic on voluntary carbon tax

comment1 on voluntary carbon tax topic

comment2 … etc

topic on global warming

comments on global warming… etc

topic on pollution …etc

Because one of these forums has been hacked, it is now necessary to have forum contributions approved for publication.