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Homelessness/Shelter — 4 Comments

  1. Hello fellow members of the Homelessness and Shelter subcommittee!

    I am a member of First Churches, and am on the Peace and Justice Committee of First Churches. I am very interested in what we, as faith communities can do to help homeless families here in Western MA, and I would really like to be included in any emails or meetings on this topic. I look forward to meeting you all.

  2. Hello Oonagh, In case you haven’t heard about this group, I’d like to share that Craig’s Place (Craig’s Doors) is an amazing shelter housed at First Baptist Church in Amherst. They have transitioned 23 homeless people to their own homes and jobs and are tireless in service.

    • Sounds like a good shelter program. Thanks for telling me about it.

      I am wondering, when are we having our first meeting on this issue? Do you know who is organizing this group?

  3. Oonagh,
    I read your comments and want to respond to them. The contact person for the Homelessness group is Colleen Currie (currie@crocker.com)
    I want to share something else: On 2/8/15 the Northampton Friends Meeting was having its monthly Meeting for Business when someone none of us knew, came in and sat quietly. As we were about to finish, he asked if he could speak, and of course we said yes. He proceeded to tell us about his experiences in four or so shelters in Massachusetts,in a very articulate, moving way. He has become an advocate for the homeless. I recommend him as a speaker if you should ever want one. Currently he is living in the shelter at 43 Center St. His name is Kenneth R. Pratt, 413-531-3586. No street address, but he receives mail at: 170 E. Hadley Road, Unit 76, Amherst, MA 01002. He does not have e-mail.
    Hoping you can use his expertise in some way,

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