AEW World Champion MJF Delivers a Blunt Message to Former Rival

AEW World Champion MJF took the time to send an inspirational message on Veterans Day, despite being in the midst of a crisis. However, he couldn’t resist making a less-than-friendly comment about his former rival, ‘Captain’ Shawn Dean.

Shawn Dean, an active competitor for All Elite Wrestling/Ring of Honor and a backstage producer and talent coordinator, has been a sore spot for MJF since he managed to defeat the current AEW World Champion early last year.

As a member of The Infantry in ROH and a United States Navy veteran, Shawn Dean was featured in a message from AEW thanking the country’s servicemen on Veterans Day. MJF quickly posted his own message in response, expressing gratitude to America’s soldiers while also making it clear that he still harbors ill feelings towards The Captain.

Amidst the pressure of being the AEW World Champion and scheduled to face Bullet Club Gold’s Jay White in the main event of Full Gear, MJF is also dealing with a mysterious masked attacker known as ‘The Devil.’ This assailant has been targeting anyone close to MJF and using his trademark devil mask to conceal their identity.

After The Devil and their masked accomplices attacked MJF’s temporary partners, The Acclaimed, speculation has been rife about the identity of this elusive attacker. With various storylines revolving around the AEW World Champion, fans can only wait until the Full Gear pay-per-view for a glimpse of MJF’s fate.

The mystery surrounding The Devil continues to captivate fans, with numerous theories circulating about who this persona could be. The question remains unanswered for now, as AEW is keeping the identity of The Devil under wraps.

The bottom-tagline at the end of the article asks for predictions about the identity of The Devil. The readers are encouraged to share their thoughts in the comments section.

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