Christine Sinclair: A Farewell to an Era in EA FC 24 SBC

The Christine Sinclair End of an Era SBC is now live in EA FC 24, and players will be able to get a remarkable card for their Ultimate Team squads. This challenge introduces a special card that celebrates the established career of the Canadian veteran. As an incentive, you won’t have to open any packs to find this card. All you have to do is complete the challenge and its assigned tasks. The first job is to gauge the amount of coins required to complete the challenge. Let’s analyze the tasks of the Christine Sinclair End of an Era SBC in EA FC 24. The Christine Sinclair End of an Era SBC requires only one task, and its stipulations are pretty straightforward. However, the requirements could be slightly tough for beginners compared to those who have been playing Ultimate Team since the global launch in September. The challenge can be completed for 100,000 coins if you get all the fodder from the market. However, you can reduce the price by using cards from your Ultimate Team collection. Moreover, you can find more cards by grinding different EA FC 24 modes like Squad Battles and Division Rivals. Doing so will get you weekly packs that can be opened for more cards. Some of them, if they can be used in the challenge, will naturally reduce the price and save coins. After completing the challenge, you will get an 88-rated card that can operate at CAM, CM, and ST. The biggest highlight is the Finesse Shot+ playstyle, which is extremely overpowered in the current meta. The card also has 88 Shooting and 88 Passing, along with 4* Skills and 5* Weak Foot. While the overall stats on the item are pretty decent, it should have been available at a lower price. However, it can be a great addition if you already have other NWSL cards due to the league links for team chemistry.