CM Punk Chants Erupt as WWE Fans Anticipate his Return Before SmackDown

The CM Punk chants began before SmackDown even started at the AllState Arena in Chicago, Illinois. Since his departure from AEW, there has been much speculation about Punk’s potential return at WWE Survivor Series, especially since the event was taking place in his hometown. Fans fervently chanted for CM Punk every five minutes before the show, reflecting their excitement and anticipation for his potential appearance.

There were prior rumors that Punk might make an appearance before the Survivor Series Premium Live Event and that he could have been the 5th member of Cody Rhodes’ team, although that role went to Randy Orton. If Punk does make his return at WWE Survivor Series, there is curiosity about whether he will take on the role of a babyface or a heel. Regardless, his appearance is expected to generate significant interest and buzz in the wrestling world, given his status as a prominent figure and his history with WWE.