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The Radioactive Challenge 2 SBC is now live in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, continuing the trend of such challenges being released throughout each promo cycle. These new events bring a variety of special cards for gamers to strive for, offering them the opportunity to test their luck and potentially acquire these items.

This marks the second installment of the Radioactive Challenge SBC during the event, with better rewards than the previous edition. This is a promising development, and gamers are hopeful for similar offerings as the event progresses in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

The Radioactive event is a new addition to Ultimate Team in EA FC 24, and features players who provide unique chemistry boosts by counting as two players from their nation, club, and league. This makes them highly coveted items in the game at present.

With incredibly powerful stats and chemistry boosts that surpass both icons and Heroes, these items are in high demand, and gamers are always on the lookout for affordable and accessible packs to try and acquire them. This makes the latest Radioactive Challenge SBC even more appealing.

The SBC involves a single squad with specific restrictions that must be followed, including minimum three countries/regions in the starting eleven, maximum five players from the same league, maximum three players from one club, minimum five rare players in the starting eleven, minimum silver player quality, and a minimum total chemistry of 25.

The overall cost of the SBC is approximately 3,500 coins, as it can be completed without the use of any gold players. There is no rating requirement, allowing gamers to use 11 silvers in the challenge, significantly reducing the cost, as silvers are more accessible in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

Upon completion of the SBC, players will receive a Rare Gold Pack with a value of 25,000 coins in the Ultimate Team Store, making it a worthwhile opportunity for gamers looking to acquire affordable and accessible packs.

For more information, check out the video guide below: