EA FC’s 24th Year: A Recap of the Player Pick SBC

The Year in Review Player Pick SBC in EA FC 24 is an enticing addition, offering players the chance to acquire exclusive items not found in packs. This is a great opportunity for latecomers to the game, with the main task being to estimate the coins required to complete the challenge.

The challenge itself is relatively simple, with only one task and straightforward conditions. Players need a minimum OVR of 87, a squad rating of at least 84, and a squad of 11 players to complete the challenge. The cost of completing the challenge is estimated to be around 40,000 coins if fodder is obtained from the market, but players can reduce costs by utilizing items from their Ultimate Team collection or grinding different EA FC 24 modes.

Upon completing the challenge, players will receive a special pick of three items, all rated 84 or higher. These cards were previously available as objectives and individual challenges in October, with the exception of Icons and Heroes that are not part of the rewards. While luck plays a role in the final rewards, players have a degree of control as they can make the final selection between three choices.

Overall, the Year in Review Player Pick SBC is a valuable opportunity for players to acquire exclusive items and enhance their Ultimate Team collection.