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The initial Icon SBC of the Thunderstruck promo is now available in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team. The Scottish legend, Kenny Dalglish, has received an enhanced version. Dalglish, a former Liverpool striker, is known for being one of the most effective attackers in Ultimate Team due to his five-star weak foot. His attributes have been further improved with his latest SBC card.

The Thunderstruck promo has been one of the most star-studded releases in EA FC 24. It not only features some of the biggest names in football today, such as Neymar and Vinicius Junior, but also includes boosted versions of Icons like Ronaldinho and Cruyff, with Dalglish being introduced as an SBC.

This marks the first Icon SBC of the event, with one more leaked to come later. Dalglish is the perfect Icon to be included in such an event due to his base version already being overpowered in EA FC 24.

However, obtaining a card of this caliber is not cheap. The SBC to unlock this version of the Liverpool legend comes at a hefty price and includes a fair amount of segments in EA FC 24.

The SBC consists of thirteen segments, making it the second most extensive SBC of the year after POTM Kylian Mbappe. Each segment has specific restrictions listed in the requirements of the squads.

The overall expected cost of the SBC is around 1.95 million coins, which is considerably high considering his base version’s value.

While it is possible to craft such SBCs with the amount of packs available in EA FC 24 during Black Friday, this SBC is one that only hardcore Liverpool fans should consider completing.