Exclusive Anthony Smith: The Uncommon W

Jon Jones was forced to withdraw from his first UFC heavyweight title defense last month due to a torn pectoral tendon that will leave him sidelined for eight months. This has led to calls for his belt to be stripped, but UFC CEO Dana White has made it clear that Jones will not be stripped of his title, and he will still face Stipe Miocic upon his return. Anthony Smith has also weighed in on the matter, advocating for Jones to be given time to heal and not have his title stripped. Fans have praised Smith for speaking out in support of Jones, showing respect for his perspective. On Twitter, user @ChubbyChub216 called Smith’s comments a “rare” win, while @YonkeyDonk and @blondedmma agreed that Smith had made a great point. @ManchesterRemi reiterated Smith’s position, stating that stripping Jones of his title would only create a “fake champion.” Jones responded to the calls for his title to be stripped, emphasizing his long-standing presence in the UFC and expressing confidence in his unique abilities.