Grabbing Lunch with Cody Rhodes: AEW Personality Extends Invite to Share a Meal

Cody Rhodes is now the face of WWE RAW, but he hasn’t forgotten his time as an EVP in All Elite Wrestling. Likewise, his friends in the company haven’t forgotten about him, and one of them responded to an emotional tweet posted by The American Nightmare on the birthday of the late, great Brodie Lee.

Brodie Lee’s wife, Amanda Huber, has remained with AEW as a community outreach coordinator. In the wake of Brodie’s passing in December 2020, the company made strides to accommodate his family, bringing Amanda closer into the fold and issuing a standing offer for the former TNT Champion’s oldest son, Brodie Jr., if he chooses to join the wrestling fraternity when he comes of age.

Today would have been Brodie Lee’s 44th birthday. AEW co-founder Cody Rhodes took to X in celebration of his friend and rival, posting photos of the two facing off and Brodie eating Zaxby’s chicken backstage.
Amanda retweeted the photos and added a caption in quotes, indicating that The American Nightmare had bought the chicken for the big man:
Amanda retweets Cody Rhodes’ images
You can check out her tweet here.

The wrestling world was shaken when AEW co-founder Cody Rhodes left the company to rejoin WWE in early 2022. This was partly due to The American Nightmare’s attitude and discourse throughout the previous years in which he played up the “revolution” in professional wrestling and often disparaged WWE.

Despite being nothing but complementary towards Tony Khan’s company since his departure, the 38-year-old has not been shy about urging AEW stars to leap to the Stamford-based promotion. After reportedly playing a part in Jade Cargill making the switch, Rhodes now believes that MJF will follow suit at some point in the future.

In a recent interview with YES Network, Cody Rhodes expressed his pride in how his former protege has grown in All Elite Wrestling, both physically and mentally:
“I think one day we will see MJF in WWE. I think one thing I’m really proud of him for. For those who don’t know, MJF was one of my recruits and probably the one I’m most excited about, just because his potential, his personality, his overall professionalism, his being. But one thing I’m proud of him for doing is, if you notice, he’s put on a lot of muscle and he’s put it on safely over the last year and a half,” he said.

The American Nightmare said that he believes MJF “knows where his future lies.”

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