How to select the best homelabs compact air purifier for your home?
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How to select the best homelabs compact air purifier for your home?

At present, the best lightweight and compact homelabs air purifier comes with a genuine HEPA filter. The homelabs air purifier is a good air cleaner for both the bedroom and office usage. It also features a full four stage cleansing technology, which could gently clean the air while you go on with your everyday life. At a low selling rate, this homelabs can really enhance the indoor air quality and also help you to breathe well. There are so many good things come in a little package. This is 100% genuine with the homelabs compact air purifier. It has only 7.5 inches in height and 6.7 inches in diameter.

The homelabs compact air purifier is very small and you can simply locate it at a table or a desk without even having to concern it will slope above. Its 2.9 pounds lightweight can also make it accurate for the room to room purifying for those that depend on single machine for a complete house. Its boxy white housing is simple yet clean layout in which many people can familiar with. Even the surrounding air inlet is very operative, which setups the contaminants in a complete way from a bottom to top. However, the air outlet is perfectly glowing with the blue lights and a power button blow in middle.

Excellent key features of homelabs air purifier

The special thing about homelabs air purifier is compact body and reasonable price tag. It is completely packed with the maximum filtration you will ever want. On the top, you also have a pre filter that consrubbles, hair, filth and other noticeable big particles. Moreover, this pre filter is available to safeguard the HEPA filter from being congested by PM10 particles. Then, this HEPA filter will eradicate 99.97% of fine particles tiny as 0.3 microns in sizes such as viruses, bacteria, pollen, dust lice, mold bacterium and pet dander and so on. Overall, the size of a filter is rather tiny, so the power of filtration will be on a feebler tier zone. The excellent key features of best homelabs air purifier are including the following:

Carbon filter- defuses fragrances and smokes

Four stage filtration with two fan speeds

Ion booster- discharge the negative ions to clean the air

Pre filter- setup the big particles

Two year warranty along with an additional six month while signing up on an official site

Factual HEPA filter- internment the microscopic particles as little as 0.3 microns


Impartial carbon filter, which is capable of eliminating the toxic fragrances and smoke

Portable boxy size that evaluates only 2.9 pounds that include a built-in ion booster

Top quality HEPA filter that could trick even a premium impurity in the air

More affordable that costs around fewer than fifty after an online discount

Low power consumption and low noise at all speed