IMPACT Wrestling and WWE Announce Game-Changing Partnership Set to Begin in 2024

The major announcement by IMPACT Wrestling states that they will have a unique relationship with WWE starting in 2024. Although the companies have not always been adversaries, they have never collaborated before. TNA Wrestling was aiming to emulate the success of WCW against Vince McMahon’s company when they first entered the scene. However, despite the show’s overall entertainment value, this never materialized.

Now, IMPACT Wrestling, also known as TNA Wrestling, has announced a partnership with Endeavor as part of Endeavor Streaming. TNA+ will be featured on the service as part of a multi-year agreement. Endeavor Streaming will launch the new app on major streaming platforms, mobile, and other connected devices.

Endeavor’s experience in working with major sports organizations including TKO’s UFC and WWE will be utilized to scale TNA+’s business operations. TNA+ will be accessible on various platforms such as Android, tvOS, iOS,, Android TV, Fire TV, and Roku starting from January 5, 2024.

All TNA’s special events will be available for a monthly price of $9.99, with additional membership tiers. Although not a direct alliance between TKO and TNA, the partnership between Endeavor and TNA may signal potential future alliances, given that Endeavor is WWE’s parent company.