Kevin Durant, Former Longhorn, Cheers on Texas for College Football Playoff Berth

The article content is about Kevin Durant, his love for Texas University, and his involvement with the Texas Longhorns football team.

The article mentions Kevin Durant’s recent social media post congratulating Texas University on their latest achievement. It also briefly discusses Texas University’s success in college football and Kevin Durant’s connection to the school.

Additionally, the article sheds light on Kevin Durant’s brief stint at Texas University, his impressive performance, and his transition to the NBA. It highlights his accomplishments during his college basketball season and his continued affiliation with the university.

The article then shifts focus to Durant’s current role as a top scorer in the NBA and his contributions to the Phoenix Suns. It also includes a video embed related to Durant’s basketball career.

Overall, the article provides insights into Kevin Durant’s personal connection to Texas University and his ongoing support for the institution.