KSI: Scared and Unyielding – The Battle Over 8-Ounce Gloves in the ShowSpeed Ratios

The banter between Olajide JJ “KSI” and Darren “IShowSpeed” took another turn after the latter trolled and ratioed the former on X. With the content creators fighting in a charity match on December 15, they have been going at each other over social media as respective fans cheer them on. In a recent reply to JJ noting how popular the fight is slated to be, Darren trolled him and claimed that the British YouTuber-cum-professional boxing star had refused to let him wear certain types of gloves. Going on to call KSI “scared,” IShowSpeed claimed that the former was restricting the usage of 8-ounce gloves because he was scared. At the time of writing, JJ’s post had only 13K likes on X, while his rival’s reply amassed about 17K, making this a clear ratio. This is not the first time IShowSpeed has called KSI scared in the lead-up to the fight. Only a few days ago, while live streaming on his YouTube channel, the 18-year-old streamer went on to call Olajide a scared “boy” for criticizing him on social media. The two internet giants will be fighting at the same time as Jake Paul’s bout against Andre August, and many think JJ was deliberately trying to undermine the younger Paul brother by setting the time on that day. He himself has been predicting some very good viewership of his fight with Darren, even though their fight was scheduled quite recently. Readers will note that while KSI himself is known in the professional boxing world, IShowSpeed is not, and many fans are eager to see how the highly popular live streamer performs in the ring, especially against his British counterpart. The two have maintained an on-and-off rivalry over the years. Those who have watched them clash on the Sidemen Charity football matches will know what to expect. Fans have been loving the banter between the YouTubers, with many taking sides. Here are a couple of reactions to the post above from X. Read how the fight came about, how to watch it live, and its associated charitable fund right here.