Longtime WWE star shocks fans by turning heel and aligning with Shinsuke Nakamura on RAW

In recent months, Shinsuke Nakamura has been active on RAW. While Nakamura was close to winning the World Heavyweight Championship at Fastlane 2023, the Japanese superstar currently seems to be involved in a storyline against The Alpha Academy. On the latest edition of RAW, Nakamura shared a moment with Otis which may have signaled the beginning of a feud. If this is true, one would have to consider the number of advantages Otis and Alpha Academy have over Nakamura. There is an angle WWE could book where Akira Tozawa can turn heel to join forces with Shinsuke Nakamura. The promotion can play a storyline where Tozawa and Nakamura bond over their Japanese roots and form a devastating team to take on Alpha Academy and potentially challenge for the Tag Team Championship. Over the last few months, Shinsuke Nakamura has established himself as one of the biggest heels on Monday Night RAW. During his run as a villain, Nakamura faced Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship and put on a brilliant match. One such man who isn’t feeling the Japanese wrestler’s character is Vince Russo. Russo said he is unable to feel Shinsuke Nakamura’s character change. Currently WWE has teased a rivalry between him and the Alpha Academy. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top in this feud and if Nakamura can challenge for a World Title in the future.