Martina Navratilova condemns ex-President Trump as a ‘coward’ for avoiding civil fraud trial testimony

Martina Navratilova criticized Donald Trump, calling him a “coward” for refusing to testify again in his ongoing civil trial. Navratilova, a prominent tennis player and activist, has been vocal in her opposition to Trump and his policies. The trial, brought by the New York Attorney General, alleges that Trump and his company deceived banks and insurers. Trump, who is also facing multiple criminal cases, has denied any wrongdoing and has criticized the trial as politically motivated. Despite being scheduled to testify, Trump changed his mind and announced he would not appear in court, prompting Navratilova to express her disapproval on social media.

Navratilova also voiced opposition to Trump’s potential 2024 presidential campaign and his proposed policy agenda. The former President’s plans include mass deportations, bans on certain goods and visitors, and other controversial measures. Navratilova condemned these proposals, referring to them as “Fascism 2.0.” The tennis legend’s outspoken criticisms reflect her ongoing activism for LGBTQ rights, animal rights, and democracy.