Memphis Depay Thunderstruck SBC: The Unique EA FC 24 Experience

The Memphis Depay Thunderstruck SBC is now available in EA FC 24, and it allows players to get an amazing item for their Ultimate Team squad. This SBC has been released amidst the ongoing Black Friday celebrations, which have witnessed the launch of Thunderstruck cards. While most of those items can be found in packs, that’s not applicable in the case of the SBC. All you have to do is complete the tasks that are part of the challenge. The first job is to estimate the possible amount of coins you’ll need in order to get the required fodder. This will help you decide about completing the challenge in the first place. The best way to get an idea about the possible costs is by analyzing the tasks of the Memphis Depay Thunderstruck SBC in EA FC 24. The Memphis Depay Thunderstruck SBC is relatively simple, as it has three tasks. You’ll have to complete them according to their given terms and conditions, and completing all of them is necessary for you to unlock the special card. The Memphis Depay Thunderstruck SBC will cost about 300,000 coins if you get all the fodder from the market. You can reduce the costs by using cards that are already available in your Ultimate Team collection. You can also grind different EA FC 24 modes to get more packs, which would provide you with some of the required fodder. After completing the challenge, you’ll be getting an 87-rated ST item that can also operate at LW and CF. It has some amazing stats, highlighted by its 5-star Skills and 88 Dribbling. Both the 87 Shooting and 85 Pace require a boost using suitable chemistry modifiers. This card is a pretty good addition, especially since it could also receive some big boosts in the future. Despite having certain weaknesses, this new Memphis Depay item is well worth its completion price.