NFL fans criticize league’s unfair policies after Josh Jacobs receives another fine

Josh Jacobs received a fine for the second straight week for unnecessary roughness, with the league punishing the running back $21,855 after lowering his head before getting hit in a play against the New York Jets during Week 10’s Sunday Night Football.

The Las Vegas Raiders running back had been fined the same amount for a similar play in Week 9, when the Raiders destroyed the New York Giants and he scored two touchdowns. Josh Jacobs is another one entering the list of players fined for routine football plays by the NFL.

After NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero reported the second straight fine for Josh Jacobs, NFL fans came in defense of the Raiders’ running back, begging the NFL to stop taking money from players in what are regular football plays – even if lowering the head became a point of emphasis in recent times:

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