Roof repair - how to choose the right company
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Roof repair – how to choose the right company

Once the time has come for the roof to leak, a decision must be made as to who will repair it. One option is to repair the roof. By purchasing the waterproofing materials yourself, you also organize the laying of the waterproofing on your own. Another option is to trust a professional. When you are about to repair the roof, if you will not do it on your own. It will probably be difficult for you to choose who to trust. The competition of the brigades and the companies offering this activity is great. In general, different companies offer the same service, but with different prices.

From this article you will get some very valuable tips when choosing a roof repair contractor. The first and the most significant piece of advice is:

1 / The lowest price for roof repairs hides the most risks.

Very often the condominium chooses who to repair the roof, only on the price indicator. This is a big mistake, because the total cost of repairing the roof is formed by:

  • The amount of the laborcost,
  • The cost for the cast-off waterproofing material

If any of these indicators has a reduced value, then the quality of the roof repair will be lower.

2 / Do not trust the repair of roofs to the first master you meet

Contact a well-established specialized toronto roof repair company on the market, with experience in repairing roofs, and especially with a permanently established office. This is a guarantee that in case of a leak there will be where and from whom to seek responsibility. Also, check if there is such a company in the commercial register. In the current highly competitive market environment, very often the offers for roof repairs by renowned and established companies are similar in price to those made by master impostors.

3 / Collect at least 3 written offers

Collect at least 3 written offers

Before you start repairing the roof, you need to do market research. When repairing roofs, this is done by asking at least 3 established companies for roof repair price offers for waterproofing. Not only will this guide you to the current market price for this type of repair, it will give you peace of mind that some neighbours will not doubt your unbiased roof repair company in the future.

4 / Require a written guarantee for the repair of the roof

Always look for guarantees for the work performed. The warranty for repair of the roof with bitumen waterproofing membrane depends on the number of layers applied, but varies between 5-10 years. Be sure to request before starting work to enter into a contract with the contractor, with the mentioned penalties for overdue repairs, warranty period and what it includes. Request samples and certificates for the materials they offer you and follow them when they are delivered to the site.

5 / Look for opinions and recommendations for the company of your choice

Look for references from the contractor and, if possible, ask to see already completed sites – roof repairs. Talk to people who have already been their customers.