The Definitive Honkai Star Rail Harmony Character Tier List (December 2023)

Characters on the Path of Harmony in Honkai Star Rail excel at providing buffs to their allies, making them the foundation of any team. With the ever-changing game meta, players may struggle to decide which character to use and build. This article presents a subjective list of all the Path of Harmony characters in the game based on the current meta.

In the SS+ tier, characters like Bronya and Hanya stand out for their abilities to enhance their teammates’ fighting potential. Bronya can increase her allies’ CRIT DMG, while Hanya can boost an ally’s SPD and ATK stat and retrieve skill points for her teammates, making them highly effective for end-game tasks.

Tingyun is the sole character in the S tier, known for boosting an ally’s ATK stat and replenishing energy. A valuable addition to any end-game squad.

Characters in the A tier, like Asta, can increase their teammates’ SPD and ATK stats but need substantial resource investment to perform well due to power creep.

Yukong is the only character in the B tier, overshadowed by other Harmony characters and requiring Eidolons and a strong team to be effective in the current meta.