The Devil in AEW: Nyla Rose’s Claims about 31-Year-Old Star

Nyla Rose has gained a cult following on social media
because of her witty yet somewhat uncanny comedic chops.
The former AEW World Champion showed this off when she
unexpectedly accused fellow star Red Velvet of being the
promotion’s Devil, although the Native Beast took a roundabout
way of reaching this conclusion:

Unscrambling someone’s name isn’t the most fool-proof way of
undergoing detective work unless you’re in a cheesy 80s cartoon
or your name is Sherlock Holmes. One would imagine that Tony
Khan and his team put a little more effort into this storyline
than that. Nonetheless, the mystery remains, but fans can at
least rest easy knowing that Nyla Rose is on the case.

While it is extremely unlikely that Red Velvet is The Devil
everyone has been dying to unmask, one thing for certain is
that she almost earned a spot at AEW Full Gear 2023, but
narrowly missed out.

On last night’s Dynamite, she challenged Skye Blue for
the final spot in a three-way match for the TBS Championship
at Full Gear this weekend. Not only did Velvet lose the bout,
but this marks her second straight loss on Dynamite in as many

Skye Blue will proceed to the pay-per-view, where she will be
met by the House of Black’s Julia Hart and the current TBS
Champion Kris Statlander. This match will pose the biggest
threat to Statlander’s reign thus far, with both of her
challengers conceivably in good positions to walk out the victor.

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