The Ultimate Branco Van Den Boomen FC Pro Live SBC Experience: EA FC 24

The Branco Van Den Boomen FC Pro Live SBC has become available in EA FC 24, offering a new promo item in Ultimate Team that doesn’t require players to open packs. Instead, they must complete the tasks before the SBC expires. The first task involves estimating the total number of coins needed to obtain the required fodder.

Analysing the Branco Van Den Boomen FC Pro Live SBC tasks in EA FC 24 is the best way to make an estimate of possible costs. This SBC is relatively simple, with only one task involving a minimum of one player from Holland, an 84 minimum squad rating, and 11 players in the squad. Completing this challenge could cost around 40,000 coins if all the fodder is obtained from the market, but costs can be reduced by using available cards in the Ultimate Team or grinding different EA FC 24 modes.

After completing the challenge, players will receive an 86-rated CM card that can also be used at CDM, making it better suited for offensive duties. The card comes with decent stats, including 85 Shooting and 89 Passing, and can potentially receive future updates. Despite being difficult to integrate into a team for chemistry, it could become a useful substitute coming off the bench.