The Untold Story of Tim Peel: Ex-NHL Ref’s Career, Personal Life, and Finances Uncovered

Tim Peel, a former ice hockey referee in the NHL, is known for his dedication and composure on the ice. He officiated 1,362 regular-season games and 90 playoff games, as well as prestigious events like the All-Star Game and Winter Classic. However, his career came to an end after a controversial incident in March 2021, when a microphone recording captured him suggesting that he intended to call a penalty against a team. As a result, the NHL announced that Peel would no longer be officiating any future games. Despite the controversy, Peel’s love for the game and dedication to play were evident throughout his career. He earned a significant salary, estimated to be between $6 million and $8 million over his career. Peel is married to Tesha Peel and they have a daughter and a son, living a happy and fulfilling married life.