The Unveiling of Exclusive Plans for Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar

WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio recently had surgery on his knee, causing him to be out of action for a few weeks. According to a report by PWInsider, the original plan for Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar’s feud was altered due to the injury, as WWE had planned for the two LWO stars to fight at live events right away. Mysterio’s recovery timeline is still unknown, and it will be interesting to see how WWE handles Escobar in the meantime.

During their match for the United States Championship, Rey Mysterio and Logan Paul botched a move, which could have resulted in a severe injury for Mysterio. The newly crowned US Champion admitted fault in the incident, stating that both he and Mysterio were to blame for the mishap. With Mysterio’s recovery in progress, it remains to be seen when he will return to the ring, and how WWE will handle the ongoing storyline with Escobar.