The Wit and Wisdom of Colby Covington: Unraveling the Mystery of ‘So Many Dumb Journalists’

UFC star Colby Covington made waves at the UFC 296 press conference and continues to make bold statements during fight week. The former interim welterweight champion sat down with UFC influencer Nina-Marie Daniel for an interview just one day before his fight with Leon Edwards. In the conversation, Covington claimed that the opioid epidemic was causing MMA journalists to be ‘dumb.’ He also brought up the poor quality of tap water and pollution, emphasizing the dangers of opioids being flushed down the toilet. The welterweight also expressed his preference for bottled water over tap water due to concerns about chemicals in city water. The interview, which appeared more lifestyle-based, had a light-hearted tone as Daniel asked ‘Chaos’ a series of casual questions. Covington, known for his cocky demeanor, opened up about his personal thoughts, his love for pro wrestling, and American history. Despite the diversion from fight-based topics, he did not shy away from taking jabs at his upcoming opponent, Leon Edwards. In the video, the UFC influencer displayed her signature style, which is more lifestyle-oriented than fight-centric. The interview offered fans a glimpse of Covington’s personal side, not often seen in public. The outspoken Donald Trump supporter will face Edwards in his third attempt to capture undisputed gold on December 16.