Travis Scott Snags First Spot in Line for Tom Brady Baseball Card Amid Growing ‘Brady Day’ Hype

The content provided in the article talks about Travis Scott and Tom Brady’s interest in baseball cards. Tom Brady is set to have collectible baseball cards released by Topps to honor ‘Brady Day’ on December 12th. The cards feature Brady in a Montreal Expos uniform, as he was drafted by the team as a catcher in 1995 before choosing to pursue a career as a football quarterback. Both Travis Scott and Tom Brady have expressed their interest in the cards, with Tom Brady commenting on Instagram that he wants the card, and Travis Scott stating that he needs it. The article also touches on Tom Brady’s successful career in the NFL despite the possibility of pursuing a career in MLB. It highlights the series of events that led to his success in football and the alternate path that could have been taken. Overall, it discusses the excitement surrounding the release of the Tom Brady baseball cards and the interest from both Travis Scott and Tom Brady.