Version 1.6 Leak: Honkai Star Rail Teases Free Lynx Character

In the upcoming 1.6 update of Honkai Star Rail, players can expect a lot of new events and characters to be added. There are leaks surrounding new characters like Ruan Mei, Dr. Ratio, and Xueyi, and now a credible source suggests that Lynx will be available for free in the upcoming update. This is exciting news for players, as Lynx is a 4-star healer who will be a valuable addition to any team.

Players should take note that acquiring a free version of Lynx will allow them to either build a new healer from scratch or enhance her skills further. It’s also worth mentioning that Honkai Star Rail has a shortage of free healers, so getting Lynx for free is definitely a rare opportunity.

Having Lynx alongside Natasha will help players fill the void and build two teams, each with its own healer. It’s important to remember that this information is based on leaks, so it’s best to take it with a grain of salt.

Honkai Star Rail has a history of offering valuable giveaways with each update, and it seems that v1.6 will follow suit. The leaked information from Hexenzirkel suggests that Lynx will be available in the upcoming update. Hexenzirkel has revealed images of v1.6’s events and other details, adding credibility to the rumors surrounding the free Lynx.

The flagship event in v1.6 is rumored to be “Feast of Lies and Deceit: Pure Fiction,” with Svarog as the main character on its poster. Players are strongly encouraged to go for Lynx and complete v1.6’s event objectives as required. With the addition of Lynx, team-building for Forgotten Halls should become easier, as Honkai Star Rail currently lacks a free Abundance unit.

Overall, the addition of Lynx for free in v1.6 is an exciting prospect for players, and they should keep an eye out for more details as the update approaches.