Vince Russo Reveals the Reasons Behind the Abrupt End of the ‘Uncomfortable’ Romance Storyline

Vince Russo explains why TNA/IMPACT romance storyline abruptly ended
Former wrestling writer Vince Russo recently gave insight into the abrupt ending of a TNA/IMPACT romance storyline. In October 2010, Katarina Waters, known as Winter, joined TNA and initially appeared to show interest in Angelina Love. However, the romantic aspect of the storyline quickly disappeared. Russo, who was a TNA writer at the time, revealed that he had no issue with scrapping the romance idea after Love expressed concerns. He also discussed how Vince McMahon booked women in WWE, citing examples of McMahon’s involvement in romance angles with women, including Trish Stratus. Russo believes McMahon used his power to write storylines that women could not refuse, calling it a perversion. He also commented on the living arrangements of Linda and Vince McMahon despite being married. Share your thoughts on Vince Russo’s remarks in the comments below.

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