What is meant by weeds and what are the types in it?
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What is meant by weeds and what are the types in it?

Usually, the weed or marijuana is derived from cannabis plant and the specific type of weed has been identified based the type of cannabis plant and the way the plant has been prepared. There are two types of main or active ingredients are there in marijuana, one is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and the other one is CBD (cannabidiol). THC helps to alter your moods swings and cognitive functioning because this active ingredient is highly based on psychoactive effects. CBD is totally different from THC because CBD helps to feel relaxed by ignoring the heavy pain in your body. As both are used for medical purposes but the effect may vary. According to the doctor’s advice you can buy weed online.

In earlier stages there are only two types of weed has been developed named as cannabis indica and cannabis sativa. Later as there was a need in THC the third strain was developed named as cannabis ruderails. The primary reason for developing this third weed is to use for medical marijuana. This is commonly described as lower level of THC. Apart from this many hybrid strains has been developed by mixing one or more spices. Each and every person has different problems so they need to choose the proper weed for it. Here is the short description about the types of weed;

  • Cannabis indica: This weed was found in a cold and mountainous area with the appearance of bush. This is considered to be one of the strongest weed because it tends to produce larger amount of THC and lower the levels of CBD. After consuming this cannabis indica you will feel relaxed and sedative too. Based on its feature this weed is often used for the person who was affected by insomnia. The studies have been proved that the people those who are taking cannabis indica will feel better than who are consuming sativa for insomnia problems.
  • Cannabis sativa: Sativa will be very tall with thin leaves and this weed plant will be grown well only in warm climate. This will be available in Mexico and South Africa because it needs darkness for around 11 hours in a day. In cannabis sativa the chemicals will be in a balanced state so it tends to develop the mood swings and also helps to boost your mind. Due to this energizing effect people used to consume it during morning or afternoon when they are in work.
  • Hybrid: The motive for developing this weed is to gain both the effects in a single weed. So it was developed artificially by cross germinating the two seeds.
  • Ruderalis: This was found in Southern Russia and it will be very short. The level of the THC in this weed is very low so it is used for recreational problems. Apart from this it was used in medical marijuana.

You can buy weed online or you can go for shops with the proper prescription from the Doctor.