5 Ways to Score a Free Card: Earn Your Way to It!

The FC Pro Open Diogo Jota objective set is live in EA FC 24, giving players the chance to earn a special promo item for their Ultimate Team squads. Unlike other special cards that require luck to acquire, obtaining the Diogo Jota card is guaranteed by completing all the tasks in the objective set. In addition to the special card, players can also receive extra packs with valuable items by completing the tasks.

There are four tasks in the objective set, including scoring goals, assisting goals, and winning matches in Squad Battles on Min. Semi-Pro difficulty (or Rivals/Champions). Players can complete these tasks in any order across three different EA FC 24 modes, but Squad Battles is the easiest option due to facing AI-controlled opponents and the ability to adjust difficulty.

The 86-rated ST card is free and should be obtained by all players, especially beginners. Although the card has some weaknesses, such as Jota’s height potentially affecting his playstyle in competitive matches, it stands out with a 5* weak foot, which can make a difference in the meta.

Overall, completing the FC Pro Open Diogo Jota objective set offers valuable rewards and unlocks a unique promotional card for players’ Ultimate Team squads.