Accepting the Unattainable: Novak Djokovic’s 24 Grand Slams are Beyond My Reach

Rafael Nadal admits he’s unlikely to surpass Novak Djokovic’s record of 24 Grand Slam titles. The Spaniard became the first to win 21 Major titles at the 2022 Australian Open, and then won the French Open, extending his lead over Djokovic and Federer. However, Djokovic won his 21st title at Wimbledon and then went on to win 24 Grand Slams, while Nadal had to sit out the entire 2023 season due to a hip injury. Speaking at the launch of the Teknon Tennis Clinic in Barcelona, Nadal expressed doubt about surpassing Djokovic’s Major count. He also acknowledged the difficulty of returning to a high level of tennis after his extended break. Nadal, who spent 209 weeks as World No. 1, is set to return in 2024.