Breaking News: WWE Welcomes 14 New Superstars to the Roster

WWE has announced the signing of 14 new athletes today. The company has undergone many changes following the merger with UFC’s parent company, Endeavor, in September. As a result of the merger, over 100 employees were let go behind the scenes, and several talents from the main roster and NXT were also released.

The promotion has announced the next round of athletes to be signed to the company’s Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) program. In the press release published today, the promotion noted that the new class includes WWE’s first acrobatics athlete, Bayley Humphrey. Slane Glover is also the first male cheerleader to sign with the promotion.

Former star Top Dolla recently claimed that Stephanie McMahon was the nicest person he dealt with in the company. Top Dolla was released in September following the company’s merger with Endeavor to form the new entertainment company called TKO Group Holdings. The veteran took to social media to reveal that Stephanie was the nicest person in the company’s “Front Office” that he worked with.

WWE’s product is the hottest it has been in years, and the company just added Randy Orton and CM Punk to weekly television. It will be interesting to see if any of the names listed above turn into household names down the line.