Bronson Reed Aims for World Championship after WWE RAW Debut

Bronson Reed is confident about his future in WWE, believing that he will eventually win the World Heavyweight Championship. The 35-year-old wrestler joined the company in January 2019 and won the WWE NXT North American Championship before being released in August 2021. After a stint with NJPW and Impact Wrestling, he returned to the main roster in December 2022 and has been making waves on RAW.

Reed, also known as “Big Bronson,” has been positioned as a dominant force in the heavyweight division. Despite failing to capture the Intercontinental Championship from GUNTHER in October, he has been consistently defeating his opponents. The Australian Superstar expressed his aspirations in a tweet, responding to a fan who asked if he sees himself as a future World Champion in WWE.

In addition to his in-ring prowess, Reed has named WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes as the greatest “Big Man” of all time. Despite Rhodes not fitting the traditional mold of a “Big Man,” Reed commended his agility and energy in the ring, as well as his captivating promos. He believes that one day, he will surpass Rhodes when he becomes the World Heavyweight Champion.

Reed’s recent matches for the Intercontinental Championship and the United States Championship on the main roster have showcased his potential as a top contender for WWE gold. As he continues to climb the ranks, fans are eager to see if he will achieve his goal of becoming a World Champion.

What are your thoughts on Bronson Reed’s WWE journey and his aspirations for the World Heavyweight Championship? Do you agree with his praise for Dusty Rhodes? Share your opinions in the comments below!