CeeDee Lamb Poised for “Randy Moss Thanksgiving” According to NFL Analyst

CeeDee Lamb is set to have a big opportunity to shine on Thanksgiving as the Dallas Cowboys take on the Washington Commanders in Week 12. With the Cowboys traditionally playing on Thanksgiving day, Lamb has a chance to make a big impact. NFL Network’s analyst Peter Schrager believes that Lamb is poised for a legendary performance, potentially having a game reminiscent of Randy Moss’ three deep touchdown game on Thanksgiving 25 years ago. The Cowboys currently have a 7-3 record and are likely headed for the postseason, but the race for the NFC playoff picture remains competitive. With players like the Detroit Lions and the San Francisco 49ers also in the mix, the conference standings could see some changes soon. The stage is set for CeeDee Lamb to make a significant impact and potentially have a standout performance on Thanksgiving.