FaZe Rug addresses accusations of using the death of his dog for attention on social media

FaZe Rug Responds to Criticism for ‘Milking’ the Death of Their Dog

Brian Awadis, also known as FaZe Rug, has addressed criticism from viewers accusing him and his family of taking advantage of the death of their dog, Bosley. The family of content creators has been accused by many on social media of making three separate videos about the dog’s demise.

These videos were uploaded to Brian’s own channel, his brother’s YouTube channel (Brawadis), and their parent’s channel called Mama Rug and Papa Rug. FaZe Clan member, Brian, responded to the allegations on X, stating that their intention was not to monetize the incident, but rather to share their stories about their late dog.

In his response, FaZe Rug clarified that the three separate videos were posted as individual updates from their respective channels. He acknowledged that while some viewers found it disingenuous, it was the family’s first experience with something so serious, and they simply wanted to inform their followers on their YouTube channels.

Some viewers remained unconvinced about the family’s explanation, particularly pointing out that the videos were uploaded within an hour of each other. However, there were also fans who extended their support, stating that FaZe Rug does not need to explain his family’s actions during their time of loss.

Additionally, FaZe Clan has undergone a change in ownership. FaZe Banks has revealed plans to restore the esports organization to its former glory.

Overall, the controversy surrounding the videos has sparked a debate among viewers, with both criticism and support for FaZe Rug and his family.