Milan Lucic’s Brush with the Law: 2011 Altercation with Girlfriend Leads to Police Encounter

In September 2011, Boston Bruins player Milan Lucic was involved in a controversy following a heated argument with his girlfriend. The incident occurred outside a Starbucks in The North End, Boston, but no charges were filed. The Bruins acknowledged the situation and stated that they were addressing the matter internally. Lucic’s marketing representative described the altercation as a “complete misunderstanding,” emphasizing Lucic’s positive character.

The police report revealed that witnesses observed a distressed woman running and Lucic following behind. However, since no witnesses reported physical assault, and Lucic’s girlfriend affirmed she was not touched, no charges were filed. Both Lucic and his girlfriend were informed of their rights under Massachusetts General Laws on abuse prevention.

The Boston Bruins announced that Milan Lucic, a veteran winger, is taking an indefinite leave of absence from the team after reportedly being arrested for an alleged domestic incident. The team released a statement emphasizing their commitment to taking such matters seriously and offered support to the Lucic family.

Sources confirmed Lucic’s arrest in Boston. Lucic returned to the Bruins on a one-year contract in the offseason after stints with other teams. Despite appearing in four games this season with two assists, he has been sidelined since October 21 due to a lower-body injury, leading to his placement on long-term injured reserve.