Missing WWE Superstar Sets Sights on Bobby Lashley for Comeback Showdown

Bobby Lashley defeated Butch in WWE SmackDown. His faction has moved on from the Latino World Order. Karrion Kross may be targeting The All Mighty. Karrion Kross shared a story on Instagram hinting at a potential match with Bobby Lashley. The feud was teased on WWE SmackDown during WrestleMania 39 week. Bobby Lashley and Bray Wyatt had a brief rivalry that soon fizzled out. Karrion Kross mentioned plans for a match with Bray Wyatt. Kross’s run since his August 5 return has been disappointing. Despite this, he is praised for his in-ring performances and character work. Fans are intrigued by the potential feud between Bobby Lashley and Karrion Kross.