Playful Birds: A Hundred Dollars’ Worth

Rory McIlroy faced off against Shane Lowry in a friendly golf match. They decided to pay out $100 to the winner, with birdies going for $20 each. McIlroy quickly emerged as the leader, winning the match at 3-2. Lowry then proposed a double or quit, but McIlroy landed another birdie and clinched the win.

McIlroy admitted that he doesn’t have a great relationship with Patrick Cantlay. He mentioned that their relationship was “average at best” and stated that they have different views on the world. McIlroy and Cantlay clashed during the recent Ryder Cup, with Cantlay being in the center of a controversial situation involving McIlroy’s caddie. McIlroy also criticized Cantlay’s behavior, expressing his dislike for him. Despite this, both players will continue to compete on the Tour.