Renan Lodi’s Pro Live SBC in EA FC 24

To get a special card in Ultimate Team, you can complete the Renan Lodi FC Pro Live SBC in EA FC 24. While these items are in packs, luck plays a role in finding them. Completing the SBC guarantees you a series item and eliminates the need for outside factors.

To tackle this challenge, calculate the coins required to beat it based on the fodder needed. Analyze the tasks in the Renan Lodi FC Pro Live SBC to estimate the expenses.

The SBC involves incorporating at least one player from Ligue 1 Uber Eats and a player from the Team of the Week while maintaining a minimum team rating of 85. If you find the fodder from the Ultimate Team market, the challenge will cost about 95,000 coins. However, utilizing cards already in your FUT collection can lower this expense. The mandatory TOTW item is a significant part of the cost, but you can complete the TOTW pick challenge in Ultimate Team to obtain this card.

You can also source additional fodder from modes such as Squad Battles and Division Rivals in EA FC 24 to further reduce the SBC’s completion cost.

Once you’ve completed the challenge, you’ll acquire an 85-rated LB item for Renan Lodi that can also function as an LWB. Although it lacks default playstyles, it boasts decent defensive stats and creates nation links with Brazilian cards and league links with French items, making it suitable for many squads.

Furthermore, Renan will be represented by Umut in the upcoming FC Pro Open, where based on Umut’s performances, the item will receive upgrades that could substantially improve it. Hence, this SBC is a valuable investment.