Rhea Ripley’s WWE Return: A Message for Randy Orton

Rhea Ripley was a key part of Randy Orton’s WWE return at Survivor Series and was set to help Damian Priest cash in his Money in the Bank contract. After the show ended, Ripley was seen having a confrontation with Randy Orton on the entrance ramp before she sent a message to him on Twitter. WWE tweeted to note that The Viper was back, and Ripley sent the wave emoji as a way to welcome him. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume that Ripley would be open to welcoming Randy Orton into The Judgment Day after what she saw at Survivor Series. Ripley’s latest message appears to be looking to get Orton’s attention and could lead to an interesting interaction on RAW. Whether Randy Orton will choose to join The Judgment Day remains to be seen.