Stephen A. Smith Breaks Tradition and Agrees with Dak Prescott: “I Haven’t Done Anything Yet”

The article discusses Dak Prescott’s current performance in the NFL and how he is handling the praise and MVP conversations surrounding him. Despite the recognition, he remains humble, stating that he hasn’t achieved anything significant yet. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith also acknowledges the inconsistency in Prescott’s performance, particularly in crucial playoff moments.

The article also highlights Prescott’s spectacular turnaround in the 2022 season after a slow start. Despite concerns about his performance, he has improved significantly, reaching impressive statistics and achieving a high level of accuracy. With several weeks remaining in the season, there is potential for Prescott to surpass his previous records and negotiate a promising contract.

Overall, the article provides insight into Prescott’s mindset and performance, offering a balanced perspective on his contributions to the Dallas Cowboys.