The Enigmatic Name Changes of Zack Britton: Did the Retired Pitcher Use a False Moniker in His Early Career?

Zack Britton used to be referred to as “Zach”. The newly retired star had an admittedly confusing journey with his name, which is short for Zackary. Sometimes it’s spelled that way and other times, it’s “Zachary”. Either spelling can and often is ultimately shortened to one spelling or the other, but the pitcher had an interesting history with his name and how it was spelled.

For the first eight seasons of his MLB career, Zack Britton went by “Zach”. His legal name was spelt with a “K”, but he went by “H” to make things easier.

When he signed a long-term contract with the New York Yankees, the relief pitcher’s name was spelt incorrectly. Legal documents like contracts have to be correct, so even though the sentiment was the same, the document had to be changed.

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In fact, Britton’s wife is an attorney, and she pleaded with him to get them to change it. He begrudgingly agreed, even thoug… through this process again.’ So I called my agent and said they need to change my name, my legal name is with a ‘K.’ Just like a minor thing. Then I talked to the Yankees and they were like, ‘Why were you go…was with a ‘K?'”

At that point, Britton decided to officially retire the stage name, as he referred to it. Thus, he was technically using a false moniker during his time with the Baltimore Orioles, largely because no one bothered to correct the world on its spelling. Despite that, his contracts with Baltimore had the correct spelling.