The Secret Meaning Behind John Cena’s ‘The End’ Instagram Post

John Cena recently had the WWE Universe in a frenzy when he took to social media to post a cryptic message about “The End.” It seemed either Cena was done with Hollywood amid the SAG-AFTRA strike, or he was nearing the end of his pro-wrestling career.

Reports revealed that Warner Bros. has scrapped Coyote vs. Acme, starring The Leader of Cenation, leading to speculation that the Instagram post was related to this rather than his overall Hollywood or WWE career.

Coyote is a part of the Looney Tunes, and Warner Bros. is the owner of all the characters. Next, the Instagram post is the Looney Tunes “The End” image, hinting at the shelving of the animated and live-action hybrid movie.

It’s possible that John Cena is nearing the end of his in-ring career, with recent losses in singles matches and a focus on supporting younger superstars. Despite his potential departure from the ring, it’s still uncertain if Cena wants to retire from his in-ring journey soon.

However, it’s highly possible he will return to Hollywood once the strike ends.