The Unbelievable Story of Medi Abalimba: The Footballer Who Scammed Thierry Henry’s Ex-Wife and Impersonated a Chelsea Forward

Thierry Henry’s ex-wife previously dated Medi Abalimba, who posed as former Chelsea star Gael Kakuta, living a fraudulent and extravagant lifestyle. Abalimba’s personal life remains a mystery, but he was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Despite playing football for the National League side Oldham Athletic, he never made it to the top division. However, he successfully impersonated Gael Kakuta, enjoying luxury hotels and helicopters, despite only earning £300 a week. After being sentenced to prison, Abalimba dated Love Island star Georgia Steel under a false identity and later became involved with Claire Merry, Thierry Henry’s ex-wife. Merry eventually realized she too had fallen victim to his fraudulent schemes. Following his release from prison, Abalimba’s whereabouts have been unknown.

Thierry Henry and Claire Merry got married in 2003 and divorced in 2008, sharing a daughter named Téa. Merry received £8 million after the divorce and revealed Henry’s infidelity. She disclosed catching the former forward sending romantic messages to another woman. Despite their fame as a couple, their marriage ultimately ended in a high-profile divorce.