The WWE Superstar Known for His Kindness to All

A WWE star has praised Pat McAfee for his kindness and added that the former NFL punter is a star on television.

Pat McAfee currently hosts his own talk show and also appears on College Gameday every Saturday on ESPN. He served as a commentator on SmackDown with Michael Cole for a bit, and many fans are hoping to see him return to commentary on the blue brand in the future.

Megan Morant is a backstage interviewer for the company and a cohost on WWE’s The Bump every Wednesday on YouTube. In a recent interview on Notsam Wrestling, Morant noted that she started the week after McAfee, and her experience at WrestleMania 38 was amazing.

Morant added that she noticed how kind McAfee was to everyone around him and said that it was cool to see how he handled his business.

“I think the world of Pat. One of the things about Pat is that he’s so kind to everyone. He knows everyone’s name, the people who mic you up, the people who do camera work, everybody, Pat knows their name and just getting to watch him be who he is was cool for somebody who wants to be in television for a long time, whether that be in sports entertainment or sports or wherever it may be. He’s a star and watching what he does is very cool,” she added. [H/T: Fightful]

You can check out the full interview in the video below:

Pat McAfee made his shocking return to WWE television on the September 15 edition of SmackDown.

He interrupted Austin Theory, and the two stars talked some trash before The Rock showed up. The Rock got the entire audience to mock Theory before hitting him with a People’s Elbow. McAfee followed it up with a People’s Elbow of his own on the former United States Champion to end the segment.

Pat McAfee has become one of the biggest stars in sports media on the planet. It will be interesting to see when the 36-year-old makes another appearance in WWE.

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