Top Contenders Vying for North Carolina’s Standout QB


Drake Maye announced on Monday his decision to officially declare for the 2024 NFL draft. The North Carolina superstar is thought to be one of the two best quarterbacks in the class, and he’s set to be a top-five pick alongside USC superstar Caleb Williams.

Check out five teams who could be looking to draft Drake Maye:

#1 – Chicago Bears

Since the Bears hold the (probable) first pick from the Carolina Panthers, they’ll have to decide whether they want to go with Caleb Williams or Drake Maye. There’s a strong argument to be made for both, and even if Williams is thought as the best prospect currently, a lot can change until April comes.

#2 – New England Patriots

Maybe a last dance for Bill Belichick? It’s clear at this point how much the Patriots need a new quarterback, because there’s no way they could go with Mac Jones for another season. Maye would be a natural fit for Belichick’s team, starring at a pro offense in North Carolina and not needing much time to develop his skills at the pros.

#3 – New York Giants

At 4-8, Maye might be a little out of reach for the Giants with the current 6th pick, but since they’re desperate for a new leader, a trade up is on the cards here. Daniel Jones is injured and could be a trade candidate if New York decides to rebuild completely; to move up from 6th would take a lot of draft capital, though.

#4 – Arizona Cardinals

Now here it gets interesting. Kyler Murray’s return has been a good team for the Arizona Cardinals, and it’s clear he’s an above-average quarterback. But he has an expensive contract, and the roster needs a lot of new tools. Could Arizona trade Murray to move up in the draft and get Maye? Don’t discard this, especially as they currently hold the No. 3 pick.

#5 – Washington Commanders

The Commanders are trying to develop Sam Howell, and while there are good things to take from his first season as a starter, Maye’s ceiling is much higher. They’re both from North Carolina, but the talent difference is high, and with the No. 5 pick, they’re just a trade up of two or three picks away from getting a new quarterback.