U Mumba’s Stellar Performance in PKL 7: A Historic Season

A true powerhouse in the realm of Pro Kabaddi, U Mumba has scripted a tale of excellence adorned with one championship, two runner-up titles, and two playoff appearances. With a roster that produced great results during the inaugural seasons, several U Mumba players have left an indelible mark on the PKL canvas. On that note, let’s look at U Mumba’s all-time PKL 7 line-up.

In the inaugural seasons of Pro Kabaddi, Mohit Chillar emerged as the linchpin for U Mumba, contributing significantly in PKL 1, 2, and 3. His commanding presence and tenacity on the mat resulted in an impressive total of 124 tackle points. This established him not only as a reliable defender but also as a super tackle specialist. Mohit played an instrumental role in steering U Mumba to victory in PKL 2.

Abhishek Singh emerged as the face of U Mumba’s raiding might in PKL’s sixth, seventh, and eighth seasons, amassing an impressive 390 raid points. His quick raids, aerial prowess, and reliability in do-or-die situations have made him an integral part of U Mumba’s playoff journeys in PKL 6 and 7.

Making a stellar debut in PKL 5, Surinder Singh enjoyed a dream season, notching up an impressive 58 tackle points. His tenure with U Mumba spans five seasons, with a brief interlude in season 8 when he briefly donned the colors of Telugu Titans, before making a triumphant return. With a total of 210 tackle points, Surinder stands tall as the highest-scoring cover defender for the franchise, boasting an impressive eight high 5s to his name.

Heralded as one of the best cover defenders for U Mumba, Jeeva Kumar’s legacy is etched with 112 tackle points. A super tackle specialist, Jeeva played a pivotal role in securing the coveted trophy during the triumphant PKL 2 season. His ability to read the game and execute crucial tackles made him a linchpin in the team’s defensive line-up.

Anup Kumar, the captain cool of Kabaddi, served as the guiding force for U Mumba, leading them to three finals and clinching the championship in season 2. Beyond the statistics, Anup’s strategic brilliance and bonus point expertise were instrumental in earning him the Most Valuable Player award in season 1. With a tally of 543 points from 78 matches, his influence extended far beyond the mat.

Making a grand debut in season 6, Siddarth Desai took the Kabaddi fraternity by storm with an awe-inspiring tally of 221 points in a single season. Awarded the Best Raider in PKL, Desai’s blend of sharp reflexes and a formidable physique saw him execute 10 super raids and 12 super 10s. This showcased his absolute dominance and electrifying presence on the mat and played a big role in U Mumba’s playoffs run in season 6.

Fazel Atrachali, often hailed as the ‘Sultan of Kabaddi’, stands tall as arguably the greatest player in U Mumba’s illustrious history. Captaining the side to victory in season 2, Fazel’s defensive prowess shone through with an impressive total of 260 tackle points. Notably, he became the first crorepati of the league, a testament to his unmatched skill and leadership. Fazel also steered U Mumba to playoffs in seasons 6 and 7, topping the defensive charts with finesse.